Mixed Media Installation

Artworld centered around a social networking website (an innovative concept at the time) where artist’s could sign up and exchange skills with other artists for free. Enabling artists to make works via a Free Exchange Skills System that otherwise wouldn’t be possible for that individual financially or practically.

A manifesto described not only Artworld's current ethos as a virtual networking community but also plans for Artworld to become a physical community in the future. Including architect designed & built Pods for sleeping, living, to house workshops, community events and learning.

An installation occupying a room promoted Artworld (photos above), this was exhibited for my graduate show in June 2002 and was the conclusion of a two and half year project that also won an award.
The installation included:

  1. Video by Barry Barker - as you enter the space you are presented with video footage of Barry Barker describing the concept of Artworld and inviting you to view what is on offer in the rest of the room.

  2. The Artist’s Kit – an example creation from the collaboration of two Artword artist’s.

  3. The Artworld website – a computer station connected to the internet displaying the Artworld website allows the visitor to join up online and browse the site.

  4. Character named Sid – a product from the collaboration of three Artworld artist’s. This character also featured in one of two video’s that demonstrated how artists might collaborate and what they could create from such a collaboration.

  5. Films – three short videos play on loop through a monitor, the first video demonstrates artist’s acting out a collaboration, the second film promotes Artworld and encourages people to become members, the third documented Podmobile...

  6. Podmobile - 16ft van became a mobile viewing station that showied Artworld films and it’s journey around London to different art galleries to promote Artworld and find new members, parking outside the likes of Tate Modern, The Chisenhale and Matts Gallery.